Dalit Mossery

Artist and designer
Born 1962, Nir Am Kibbutz, Israel

Currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel, Dalit works at her design studio, as well as teaching workshops and courses.

Dalit works with a large range of materials:
Sculpture with clay, bronze, stone and metal net, painting, collage, and various types of mixed media techniques.

Beit Berl - College of the Arts, Kfar Saba
Kalisher Art Institute, Tel Aviv
Children Drawing Analysis course with Michal Wimmer

The Tel Aviv Museum Art Center
The Center for Visual Arts - Israeli Institute of Artists and Sculptures , Beer Sheva
Art Center - Pacific Art, Palo Alto, California.

Artist Workshops
Shlomit Averbuch, Bella Cole, Naomi Shalev, Dalia Tamir, Herman Krinhaus, Tzvika Lahman, Shulamit Hartal

Dalit Mosseri Sculpture Presentation


Dalit Mosery studio        052-2788155        18 Kisufim str. Tel Aviv